In Supercycle 101, we briefly introduced the membership rental method.

Membership rental gives your customers access to a catalogue of items for one recurring price. This works well for everyday products or those where a customer’s size or needs are likely to change over time (like childrenswear or maternity wear).

How membership rental works

A customer chooses from a set of membership plans. Depending on your setup, they receive either an item or credit limit.

At any one time, a customer can have up to their limit in items/credits. When they’re ready to change items, they can return them and receive their credits back to spend on future items.

The frequency they can swap (return and order new) items depends on the plan settings.

Memberships are billed on whatever interval you choose, with a minimum of 1 month. You may choose to bill memberships yearly to lock in revenue, for example.

If you make an item available on membership and calendar rental, we’ll block out its availability indefinitely if a customer rents it on their membership (until the return is started).

Getting ready for membership rental

To get your store ready for membership rental, you should make sure you’ve done at least all of the steps below.