In Supercycle 101, we briefly introduced the calendar rental method.

In calendar rental, a customer books an item between two specific dates, which Supercycle calls the Arrive by and Return by dates. You predetermine the rental periods - the number of days a product can be rented for - and the corresponding price.

Calendar rental works well for products customers don’t need often like partywear, sports equipment or garden machinery.

How calendar rental works

When a customer browses a calendar rental product, they first select a pre-defined rental period and then select start and end dates from the available dates on a calendar.

Rental start dateThe date an item will be delivered to a customer by.
Rental end dateThe date the customer will have the item until.

When the rental is placed, we use your logistics settings to pad out the reservation, making sure that subsequent rentals are placed with enough time between for you to fulfil them.

Getting ready for calendar rental

To get your first product ready for calendar rental, you should make sure you’ve done all of the steps below.