Sometimes the cost of renting can be difficult for a customer to understand.

Why would someone rent something when they can own it for less than double the price (that’s a rhetorical question - we know why!)?

One way to help the customer see value is to break down the price using fees. You could include things like:

  • Cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Return shipping

Fixed fees are not included in the price of a rental period.

In this example the total price of a 4 day rental would be £30 + £20 cleaning fee + £12 insurance = £62.

To create a fixed fee, go to Supercycle > Settings in your Shopify admin. Click the Calendar rental tab and

You can set a default value for your fixed fee here, which can be overriden on a product’s calendar settings in Supercycle.

When you create a new fixed fee, we don’t automatically add it to existing products. To do this, you’ll need to turn calendar rental off and on again on the product.

To exclude a fixed fee on a specific product, you can set its value to 0.

Fees are displayed to the customer on the rent buttons block and summarised on the line item in the cart/checkout.