When an item comes back on a rental return, chances are you’ll need to process it in the warehouse (translation: clean, refurbish, etc.) before it’s ready to go out on its next rental.

We call this the action at the end of this process restocking.

When you receive an item in a rental return, its status becomes ‘On hand’. This means it’s available to be booked on future rentals but it’s not yet ready to be sent out on its next rental.

When you restock an item, we immediately end the current reservation. This means that even if the item had been blocked out for more time for restocking, it will be come available immediately for the next rental.

Viewing on hand items

In your Supercycle inventory, click the “On hand” filter to view items that need restocking.

Searching for an item

In the top right of the Supercycle inventory, click the search and filter button.

You can search by serial, SKU, product title or variant title.

Restocking an item

To restock an item, click Restock under Rentals on its item page.