Returns are a key part of a customer’s and item’s rental journey and processing it correctly ensures that the customer’s account and inventory behave as expected in future.

To start processing a return, head to Supercycle > Returns and select a return.

Approving a return

This action will only be needed if you require customer-created returns to be approved in your settings.

Admin-created returns are approved during the return creation flow.


Start approval

Under Shipping on the return page, select Approve return


Approve return

To continue, add a shipping label (if required) and click Approve return.

Return line actions

Receiving a return line

You should mark each item as received or missing on a return. Receiving an return line changes an item’s status to On hand.

Removing a return line

If an item was added to a return by mistake, you can Remove the return line, releasing it to be added to a customer’s future returns.

Setting return line conditions

When receiving a return, selecting a condition on the return line will change the condition of the item to the same value.

Recrediting membership items

If you aren’t automatically recrediting items after a return is approved, we’ll warn you on a return if any items need recrediting.

You can automatically recredit approved returns from your membership settings


Start recredit

To recredit the items on a return, click Recredit on the callout


Select items and confirm

On the next page, select the outstanding items to recredit and click the Recredit button.


You can learn more about telling Supercycle a returned item is ready to be sent out again on our Restocking doc.