You can create a rental on behalf of a customer via the Shopify admin.


From the Supercycle admin go to Reservations


Click Create rental order


Add a product to the rental order

Select the rental method. For the calendar select the Rental period and Rental dates.

Add another product if needed.


Click save to create a Shopify draft order


Customize the draft order

  • Add a customer
  • Apply discounts
  • Add Shipping
  • Add tags or a note

Please note, that adding a product to the draft order will not create a rental order for that product, they must be added via Supercycle.


Do one of the following

  • Accept payment from the customer by marking the order as paid or entering card details. Then Create an order.
  • Set payment to due later. Then Create an order.

Rental order created

You will now have a Shopify order for that customer with rentals that can be seen in Supercycle reservations.

Please note, currently when a product is in a draft order it can still be ordered via the online store. We recommend creating the order as soon as possible.