To rent products with Supercycle, you’ll need to import them from Shopify.


Set inventory levels

If you want Supercycle to automatically create serialised items on import, set quantities for your SKUs before importing.

Alternatively, skip this step and create inventory in Supercycle later.


Select products

From the Shopify products page, select the products you’d like to import.


Import to Supercycle

Under bulk actions, scroll down to the bottom and select Include in Supercycle under APPS.

In the next page, confirm your import.

Once you import a product into Supercycle, we take responsibility for pricing and inventory management.

This is because rental availability isn’t just a number, it changes depending on the date.

In the diagram above, the rental item is available from 7-13 January so a new rental can be made.

You should still make changes to product information such as descriptions, SKUs, tags and images from the Shopify product.