In Supercycle, you can log an individual item’s condition (and change it over time). These conditions are internal-facing and not displayed to the customer.

Creating conditions

You can create as many conditions as you need, which are categorised under 4 condition severities.


Navigate to item conditions settings

In Shopify Admin, head to Supercycle > Settings > Item conditions.


Add a condition

Click Add condition and set its name.


Select a condition severity

Condition severities are used by Supercycle to trigger customisable actions.

Changing an item’s condition

You can set an item’s condition from the its page in Supercycle. The new condition will persist and the change of condition event will be logged.


Navigate to the item

In Shopify Admin, head to Supercycle > Inventory > Item.


Select a condition

Select the item’s new condition.

Save your changes before exiting.

During a rental return

When receiving a return, selecting a condition on the return line will change the condition of the item to the same value.