You should create inventory inside your Supercycle product, not your Shopify product, as Supercycle is responsible for inventory management after importing your rental product.

When you import a new product into Supercycle, we automatically create new items in Supercycle for the quantities in your Shopify inventory before disabling it. If you need to add new inventory for a product after that, you should follow the steps below.


Navigate to the product

In Shopify Admin, head to Supercycle > Products > Product.


Add inventory

In the variants table, under the status you want to add a product, select the current quantity dropdown followed by Add inventory.


Add serials

On the next page, add a serial number on a new line for each item you’d like to create.

Alternatively, select Add without serials and enter a number of items. You can add serials to the newly created items later from their item page.

In this example, we are creating two new items with serials ser1234 and ser4567

Click Review to continue.


Review new items

Review the items you’re about to add and click Add inventory to save your changes.