Order cutoff schedules determine the latest a customer can order on a day for their rental to start as soon as the delivery buffer.

For example, if it’s currently Monday and you have a delivery buffer of 2 days, a customer must order before your Monday order cutoff time in order for their rental to start on Wednesday.

In the example above, if the order cutoff time is 3PM and the customer is attempting to rent an item at 4PM, the earliest availability they will see is Thursday (Tuesday despatch + delivery buffer of 2 days).

We recommend setting your order cutoff schedule to match your courier’s latest pickup time minus the time you need to prepare the rental.

Diagram to show customer browsing before the cutoff time for a day

No despatch day

If you don’t despatch on a certain day of the week you should set your order cutoff to nothing.

In the case above, if Monday was a No despatch day, the customer would not see availability until Thursday, regardless of the time they were browsing.

If Monday had a cutoff of 3PM and Tuesday was a No despatch day, the first availability a customer browsing at 4PM on Monday would see is Thursday. This is because:

  • It’s too late to despatch the item on Monday
  • No despatches occur on Tuesday
  • The item will be despatched on Wednesday with a delivery buffer of 2 days.

No order cutoff

To create a day where you essentially have no cutoff time, you should set the cutoff for that day to 11:59PM.

This means any time before 11:59PM, the customer will be before the cutoff.

Setting your cutoff schedule


Navigate to logistics settings

In Shopify Admin, head to Supercycle > Settings > Logistics


Set cutoff times

Under Delivery, set order cutoff times for each day of the week.

Leave non-despatch days blank.

Save your changes before exiting.